Some years ago, my cousin Jeff Kutcher began to investigate our family roots. In what can only be described as serendipity, cousin Steve Smith was searching for family members on the internet and came across Jeff's blog. What followed was the discovery of near and extended family members.  Since then, we've had three family gatherings in London, meeting some cousins for the first time - others after a hiatus of many years. 

Since the first meeting, family members have continued to communicate and expand their knowledge of how we all interconnect. I recognized the names of people I'd never met but were familiar to me from my mother's occasional reference to them. 

There are many myths, legends, rifts and schisms in our family. Some of the stories that are emerging throw some light on why there was little or no contact among the different branches for all these years. But that has all changed now. Our family is coming together, discovering who we are and from whom we descend. We're a far-flung family with members in the UK, France, Spain, Canada, Belgium and Israel. 

Until now, the task of building a family tree has fallen to Jeff. However, the tree with its spreading branches has become unwieldy and difficult to follow. Therefore, we've decided to split the tree into smaller, more manageable trees that focus on a specific family branch. We invite others to do the same. And then we can link to all the different family trees from this blog.

Jeff and I have selected to build our trees. Although allowing for extensive information, there are limitations on what the site can accommodate.  This website has been created to enable family members to post anecdotes, photos, snippets of historical interest and.... well, anything of interest pertaining to our family. 

From this page, you can access the family trees of all the branches of the family.

Zmidek family tree

Sions family tree

Suknik family tree