David Zmidek

Dawid Smith Headstone Edmonton.jpg

Born: 1859

-1857 according to Perla's (Polly) birth certificate


Married: 1879 to Sura Gitel Waldberg. See Marriage certificate


Died: September 23 / 24, 1908. See Death certificate


Buried in Edmonton Cemetry Block G Row 6 Grave 39, though there are some anomalies in the records.

In 1891, on July 15 /27, David registers the birth of four of the children... "residing temporarily as an unskilled laborer in the village of Firlej in the district of Wielogóra. The delay in registering the births is the father’s fault - he did not present his marriage certificate (Quote from the childrens' Birth Registrations)."

Hinda /Ginda is the birth name of Annie / Helena
Gabryl is the birth name of Gabriel
Mirla is the birth name of Mary
Kelman Josek is the birth name of Colman

The registration took place in Radom. Firlej lies half way between Chmielnik and Warsaw.

Although the birth records state that the children were born in Chmielnik, Colman and Gabriel's British Naturalization Papers suggest they were born and educated in Warsaw. There is further evidence to indicate that even though a child was born in Warsaw, it was cheaper to register the birth as taking place in Chmielnik. (See Testimony of Cesia Suknik, daughter of Miriam Zmidek).