Hinda Zmidek (Annie)

Annie and Jack married at the Great Synagogue, Duke's Place, Aldgate. 


Sura Gitel at Annie's wedding

Born: January 13, 1885 (Registration)

Married: 1910 to Yankel Lindner, aka John or Jack

Died: October 31, 1946. She is buried at Willesden Cemetery in London NW10 in Section S Row 3 Grave 66.

"Hinda changed her name from Hinda to Helena but was known by her nickname, Annie. Jack and Annie lived in several different areas of London ranging from Prince's Street in the East End (see Cobbles), to Cricklewood and Bishop's Avenue in the north. When they and their children moved to 88 Osbaldeston Road in Clapton, great-grandmother, Sura, lived with them, until her death in 1929. Several other members of the family also moved to the same area at the same time. Annie’s sister, Mary, and her family lived around the corner and the families were always in and out of each other’s homes. Annie and Mary were very close and greatly amused their children, each walking the other home but not actually separating, instead walking back again to the other’s home, repeatedly, because they were reluctant to bid one another farewell." (Susan Massey)

Annie and Jack had four children: Sidney David (David); Ingram Joseph (Joe); Murray (Morry or Mog); and Rosalind Louisa (Lucy). 

Jack died on October 2, 1950 and is buried in Willesden Cemetery in London NW10 in Section S Row 21 Grave 497.

 M.  1951

Ingram Joseph    B. 1913  D. 1959

1 Patricia Comrich

B.            D. 1994

  M.  1945

    Elizabeth  Rose       B. 1946     

    Peter Hart          B. 1944           

  M.  1979

    Murray (Mog)  B. 1915  D. 1979

  Ruth Flatters     B. 1921   D. 2011

  M.  1945

Annie's tree

2 Penelope Jo      B. 1967 

   *Michael Wyatt    B

  Lorna  J.                 B. 1945   D. 1983

  M.  1966

 ** Albert Gordon        B.       D

  M.  1970

  Julian Fernando   B. 1970

  Marcus Jerome        B. 1971

Susan Jacqueline     B. 1950 

   Lois Michelle              B. 1953 

 Bernard Balon   B. 1918  D. 1991

Thomas Massey  B. 1950 

  M.  1975

  M.  1942

  M.  1979

David George       B. 1954

 Samantha           B. 1983

    Daniel                   B. 1986             

3 Rosalind (Lucy)    B. 1917  D. 1997

  M.  1910

James Dieppe     B. 1983             

        Alice Eva                  B. 1916

Leo Joseph           B. 2018

Sidney David       B. 1910  D. 1964

Rebecca Bernstein  

B.            D. 

 2     Lucy Ann           B. 1968              


  M.  1979

Annie and Jack


1 Patricia Comrich, full name: Gladys Audrey Patricia, (Patty)

*First husband (divorced). ** Second husband

2 Took the surname, Gordon

3  Full name: Rosalind Louisa, but known as Lucy. Lived in Cape Town, S. Africa from 1948 and in Bournemouth from 1962.  An unnamed daughter, their first child, died shortly after birth.

4 Full name: Susan Jacqueline Helena

5  Full name: Samantha Katherine Josephine

 Full name: Errington Lewis