Gabryl  Zmidek (Gabriel) 

Gabriel was the twin brother of Mary (Mirla) Together with his brother Colman, he founded the fancy cardboard production company, D Smith and Sons, in the 1940s. 

Gabriel and Debbie had seven children: Tilly, David, Sylvia, Mary, Freda, Jack and Sara. They divorced / separated in ??? Debbie died in 1970.

Marilyn Bar-Or (Debbie's niece) remembers that Gabriel was "...immensely elegant and dapper. [He wore] spats and those hole-y, smart, probably hand-made shoes, slender and pointy. He used to play cards with the other uncles and menfolk, wreathed in cigar smoke. Tilly, David and Freda shared his facial features; Debbie's were more rounded and soft, viz. Sylvia, Mary and Sara. Sara (Gabriel's youngest daughter) loved to watch him performing his toilet. He brushed his hair with two silver-backed brushes."

Beverley Adelarr (Debbie's niece) also remembers Gabriel's cigar smoke. "I remember him sitting alone in a room, thick with smoke. No-one was allowed to disturb him." 

In ????, Gabriel met ??? and had a daughter, Anni. From ???, they lived in India, and returned to Hove, Brighton, in ????, where Gabriel died.

Born: December 14, 1888 (Registration)

MarriedMarch 6, 1912, to Debbie Elberg

Died:September 15, 1995

Naturalized UK citizen: 1921 (Original documentation)

Gabriel and Debbie at the wedding of Tilly to Sandor Tesler in 1936

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Gabriel's tree

Gabriel and Debbie