Gabryl  Zmidek (Gabriel) 


Gabriel was the twin brother of Mary (Mirla) Together with his brother Colman, he founded the fancy cardboard production company, D Smith and Sons, in the 1940s. 

Gabriel and Debbie had seven children: Tilly, David, Sylvia (Sylvia: Then and Now), Mary, Freda, Jack and Sara. Debbie died in 1970 and is buried next to Gabriel.   

Marilyn Bar-Or (Debbie's niece) remembers that Gabriel was "...immensely elegant and dapper. [He wore] spats and those hole-y, smart, probably hand-made shoes, slender and pointy. He used to play cards with the other uncles and menfolk, wreathed in cigar smoke. Tilly, David and Freda shared his facial features; Debbie's were more rounded and soft, viz. Sylvia, Mary and Sara. Sara (Gabriel's youngest daughter) loved to watch him performing his toilet. He brushed his hair with two silver-backed brushes."

Beverley Adelarr (Debbie's niece) also remembers Gabriel's cigar smoke. "I remember him sitting alone in a room, thick with smoke. No-one was allowed to disturb him." 

In the late 1940s, Gabriel and Debbie separated and Gabriel moved to Steyning in Sussex with his partner, Daphne. Their daughter Anni was born in 1949. After spending a few years in India, the family returned to Sussex, where Gabriel died. He was buried at the Bushey Jewish cemetery.

Born: December 14, 1888 (Registration)

MarriedMarch 6, 1912, to Debbie Elberg

Died:September 15, 1962

Census of England and Wales, 1911

Naturalized UK citizen: 1921 (Original documentation)

Gabriel and Debbie at the wedding of Tilly to Sandor Tesler in 1936

Life partner

Gabriel's tree

Gabriel and Debbie