Perla Zmidek (Polly)


Born: 1882 (Registration)

Married: (Date unknown / First name unknown) Zederbaum

1905: Abraham Littman  Abraham Littman was the father of Beatrice, who married Colman Smith
1920: Victor Salomon. FreeBMD
1934: Bernard Tessler

Died:1967, in Southend. (Registered ol. 4A Page 978).  Marriage and death data verified at FreeBMD

Polly and Abraham Littman had a daughter named Jessica, whom we understand suffered from an undefined mental illness. Naomi Yalin: She married Alf Goldstein, son of Yanche (David) and Esther (Nechama) Goldstein, but the marriage was annulled soon after. 

Sue Massey: "According to my mother, Lucy (Hinda / Annie's daughter), her aunt Polly always brought the takings from the family shop in Petticoat Lane to her mother, Sura Gitel, who had all the family keys hanging from a belt she wore above her clothes and she kept the money she collected in a purse on another belt worn under her skirt. As you can imagine, as a little girl my mother found this fascinating.


"My mother also said one of Polly’s husbands used to brandish a knife and chase Polly around the house. I don’t know which one."

David Tessler: "Polly was known as friendly and hospitable."

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