Monday, September 2: The 1st day

Updated: Jan 5

The first evening, when all those who had reached Krakov met for dinner. Marc was still in transit; Patricia was either in flight from Tel Aviv or twiddling her thumbs at the airport in Warsaw.

Descendants of David and Sura Gitel Zmidek, reconnecting after many years - and, in some cases, meeting for the first time - gathered in Poland to explore family roots.

Anton Smith: Gabryl (Gabriel) line

Gabrielle Pinto: Gabryl (Gabriel) line

Marquand Smith: Gabryl (Gabriel) line

Steve Smith: Gabryl (Gabriel) line

Jeff Kutcher: Kalman (Colman) line

Jonathan Sions: Kalman (Colman) line

Harry: Kalman (Colman) line

Lois George: Hinda (Annie) line - accompanied by her husband, David

Susan Massey: Hinda (Annie) line - accompanied by her husband, Tom

Alex Gerlis: Mirla (Mary) line

Patricia Carmel: Kalman (Colman) line

We start our journey in Krakov and continue on to Warsaw. Our guide is Tomasz Cebulski.

Monday: Auschwitz-Birkenau

Monday: Auschwitz-Birkenau (continued)

Tuesday: Chmielnik

Tuesday: DSS HQ

Wednesday: Lodz Ghetto

Thursday: Warsaw Ghetto

Friday: Warsaw, Okopowa cemetery

Friday: Polin Museum

Historical Snippets


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Historical snippets

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